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Our company exists to assist people living in different parts of the world and speaking different languages, but united by a common desire – to find love – in meeting, communicating with and, eventually, marying each other. As the name suggests, this website is aimed at men that are unable or unwilling to find a suitable partner in their own area or country and want to meet single Russian women. This is not something unheard of, as Russian women have long been sought after both for their beauty and their feminine and friendly temperament – something that is sadly becoming rare in the Western world due to certain social dynamics. Now more than ever, it is easy and increasingly common to get to know someone living thousands of miles away, thanks to the explosive growth of communications. And after all, when it comes to relationships, it is mutual attraction and compatibility that matter in the long run. If you feel the “spark” with someone you met online, distance, language or culture needn’t be an obstacle, because those are problems that can be solved with relative ease if the people involved are motivated enough. If you agree and are not afraid of clashing with stereotypes, you have come to the right place. We have been in the dating business for years, and many people have found their loved ones with our help and are now happily married. Our database contains tens of thousands of female profiles, most of them submitted by local dating agencies we cooperate with, so you can rest assured that they are real. A selection of this magnitude guarantees that whatever you are looking for in terms of age, physical appearance, language skills, etc., the odds are that you will eventually find someone that matches all your criteria. Having a profile, searching the database and sending messages and smiles is completely free; you pay only for opening the letters of the women you are interested in, and our 100% client satisfaction guarantee policy ensures that no money you spend here will be wasted. If at some point you decide that you would like to talk to a lady on the phone (with an interpreter if needed) or send her a gift, or run a background check on her, all these services, as well as others, are available to our members. Our experienced staff will always be there for you if require assistance. Why hesitate? Join – it might change your life!